Imagine - Dream - Create

Defy Gravity

 My Goal is to Inspire a Love of Reading and Writing,
and to Encourage Creativity and Imagination.
Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns as soon as you have them. 
The closer we work together, the better year it will be for your child.   I am available for a personal conference anytime.
I believe that when parents and teachers work together,
great things can happen in the classroom. 
Communication is the key to a great year, so please keep in touch
and help me be aware of important things in your child's life.
Together we make this the best year ever!


Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting school year! 

To get the school year off to a successful start you should be prepared with the necessary tools. 
Please let me know if you have any difficulty obtaining any of the supplies listed. I am more than willing
to work something out with you.

You will need the following for supplies for class:

Pencils, Blue/Black/Red pens, Pencil case, Highlighters, Colored pencils

Loose leaf paper, 2 boxes of tissues (for classroom use), Hand Sanitizer

In addition you need the following:

One folder

One marble notebook

Two single subject notebooks (one for Language Arts and one for Social Studies)

Independent reading book of your choice

Please do not get a binder or trapper keeper…..we do not have the room in the desks for them. 

Classwork: Students are expected to participate in the various activities planned for the day.  These activities include, but are not limited to, daily warm ups, class participation, group work, class preparation, and notebook checks.  Classwork counts as 20% of the students’ grade

Sleep:  Children need a good night’s sleep and breakfast to do their best. 
Studies have shown that students that get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and eat breakfast do better in school and get along better with their peers.  Do your best to set a routine of good habits. 
Organization:  One of the things we work on is helping the students become more organized and independent.  You can help by finding a place at home where books, homework, folders, etc. are placed and ready to go in the morning.  This will cut down on the “I left my homework on the table” excuse.  If a child has a place to stack everything, less will be forgotten at home.